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Where Can An MPA Degree Take You?

A job in Public Administration can mean a lot of different things. An MPA degree includes a wide variety of courses on things like leadership and management, but also on public policy and social responsibility and ethics. Because the curriculum of a Public Administration degree is so diverse, the options you have with an MPA are endless. “As long as the applicant has an interest in public service, whether in the U.S. or abroad, the MPA is a smart choice,” says Dr. Ross Rubenstein, an important figure in the field as the Chair and Associate Dean of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.


What is Public Service?

The term “public service” doesn’t have to mean government work, either. Public Administration Jobs go across industries like non-profit organizations and private contracting corporations. Public service simply refers to the idea of helping a community grow and succeed: whether that community is your own, or your company’s.

Advance Your Career

The possibilities are endless in the field of Public Administration, and to help you on your path to public service, we have the resources you’ll need. From schools and MPA degree programs to a job finder and information about scholarships, the journey starts and ends with your passion for public service and our resources to help you apply it in your community.

Advance Your Career

The online Master’s in Public Health (MPH) at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota takes you beyond the classroom with four courses of fieldwork. You’ll select an organization in your community where you can apply the skills and knowledge you gain in this program to tackle a pressing public health issue.

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